Rian Thai – Volume 3/2010



1) Khlong Phap Phrarajaphongsawadarn in King Chulalongkorn : Narrative of the Nation’s History / Anchalee Pupaka


2) A Descriptive Analysis of Migrants’ Strategies Regarding Land Holdings in Their Village of Origin : Preliminary Results from a Case Study in the Northeast of Thailand / Gwendoline Promsopha


3) Changing Bangkok 1855-1909 : The Effects of European Settlers and Their Subjects / Malinee Khumsupha


4) Negotiating the Changing Zomia of Mainland Southeast Asia : The Politics of Akha Identity / Micah Francis Morton


5) The Place of Small-Scale Farmers in the World of Organic Agriculture / Naoko Nakagawa


6) Dynamic Soi : Neighborhoods and Urban Life / Non Arkaraprasertkul


7) Thai Music Culture in 21st Century : Thai Music and Its Others (The Westernization and Globalization of Thai Classical Music) : Case Study of Thai Musical Instruments and Innovation / Paphutsorn Wongratanapitak


8) Between Translation and Retelling : Thai Models for the Mon Rajadhiraj / Patrick McCormick


9) Integrating the Nation from the Margins : The Remote Area Security Development of the Border Patrol Police in the Northern Thailand / Si Nae Hyun


10) Dvaravati Period Sema Stones : Shifting Meanings and Definitions in Archaeology, Epigraphy, Texts, and Religious Re-use / Stephen Anthony Murphy


11) The Pokkharani Pond in the Jatakatthakatha: A Treasure of Perfection / Supak Mahavarakorn


12) Samlor-Nang Upiam: Literature That Reveals the Space and Identity of the Shan People in Shan State / Supin Ritpen