Rian Thai – Volume 8/2015



1) Akha Souvenir Sellers in Thailand's Urban Tourist Areas : Social, Economic, and Political Structures / Alexander Trupp


2) Thai 16mm Cinema : The Rise of a Popular Cinematic Culture in Thailand from 1945 to 1970 / Aliosha Herrera


3) The Map that Christmas Carols Made : A Case of Musical Appropriation and Application in a Karen Village / Benjamin Fairfield


4) "Snake Without Poison?" : (Re)Negotiating Hybrid Masculinities in Thailand / Daniel Whitehouse


5) Educational Environments of Children with Disabillities in Greater Bangkok : Barriers and Facilitators in a Transiting Urban Area Selected Findings from a Cross-Cultural Perspective on Society and Culture / Michelle Proyer


6) The Chinese Vegatarian Festival in Bangkok's Chinatown : A Space for Presenting Cultural Identity of Chineseness in Contemporary Thai Society / Narut Kupthanaroj


7) Dharma on the Rise : Lay Buddhist Associations and the Traffic in Meditation in Contemporary Thailand / Prakirati Satasut


8) Japan's Cultural Diplomacy : Influence on Thai Society / Saikaew Thipakorn


9) The Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in Thai-Malay Peninsula and Western Indonesia : The Early Development of Buddhist Imagery in Insular Southeast Asia / Sofia Sundstrom


10) Phra Upakhut Midnight Almsgiving Ritual : The Reproduction of a Northern Thai Ritual in Central Thailand / Watcharaporn Distapan