Khlong Phap Phrarajaphongsawadarn in King Chulalongkorn : Narrative of the Nation’s History

Anchalee Pupaka




King Chulalongkorn intended to present the history of the nation in order to indicate the past and the ancestor. He wanted to raise the awareness and recognition of the people in the nation regarding a sense of belonging to the nation and sharing the same national identity by means of historical narratives about Thai ancestors. He brought many royal chronicles back and presented them in the form of a narrative. Khlong Phap Phrarajaphongsawadarn portrays the origin of the nation since the Ayutthaya period, together with important historical events and heroic deeds of great kings. Moreover, this work illustrates the long continuing progress of the nation and reveals the unity of the people that has been an important key to make the nation secure.


The presentation of Khlong Phap Phrarajaphongsawadarn to the public in a form of a narrative has raised Thai people's awareness about the nation with regards to obstacles and difficulties their ancestors faced. Therefore, they have pride in the nation and unity among themselves, which are important keys in keeping the nation strong and secure.


(Published in Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies, Volume 3/2010, Page 1-27)


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