Chaomae Song Nang Worship Ceremony : The Rite that Unites the Vietnamese and Thai peoples of Mukdahan Province

Panupong Udomsilp




This research aims to examine the process of social adaptation through participation in the Chaomae Song Nang worship ceremony that unites the Vietnamese and Thai people in Muang Mukdahan District of Mukdahan Province. It was found that the Vietnamese refugees in Mukdahan Province who become Chaomae Song Nang disciples and participated in the annual worship ceremony are accepted by the people of Muang Mukdahan community to a greater degree than the refugees who did not participate in the ceremony. This worship ceremony, therefore, has had a significant role in unifying people of various ethnic groups who participate in this sacred communal rite.


(Published in Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies, Volume 4/2011, Page 137-153)


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