Rian Thai – Volume 11/2018 (Number 1)



1) Mawlam and Jazz in Interculturalmusical Synthesis / John Garzoli


2) From the Protected Zone to the Unknown: Trajectories of Second Generation Shan Youth in Thai Public Schools and Their Strategies to Overcome Liminal Legality / Janepicha Cheva-Isarakul


3) Fragrant Corpses: Commodification of Charismatic Monk’s Corpses in Thai Society / Jesada Buaban


4) Romancing the War: Genre Memory and the Politics of Adaptation in Sun & Sunrise (2013) / Natthanai Prasannam


5) The Representation of a Bodhisatta: Identification of King Mahajanaka from the Mahajanaka Jataka with King Bhumibol of Thailand / Ratchaneekorn Ratchatakorntrakoon


6) Ritual in the Rock-art of Kanchanaburi and Uthai Thani Province, Western Thailand? / Victoria N. Scott