Rian Thai – Volume 12/2019 (Number 1)



1) A Fast-Moving Cosmos: Multiplicity and Fluidity in Contemporary Thai Buddhist Cosmology / Edoardo Siani


2) Creating Community: “Secure Housing” and Social Order in Thailand / Hayden Shelby


3) Apollonian and Dionysian Religious Forms in Thailand: Imaging as Social Agency / Joseph Rotheray


4) Historical Narrative, Synecdoche, and Pong Lang / Kurt Baer


5) Pact-Making Within a Material Nodal Network: Ethnographic Findings on Accessing Buddhist Potency / Kelly N. Meister


6) The Political Craftiness in the Demolition of the Patani Kingdom between 1584 and 1711 in Southern Thailand: A Study of Hikayat Patani / Lutfiyah Alindah