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Rain Thai Vol.9/2016

Published: June 28, 2017



Persistence and Transmission of Monness in Funeral Rites: A Case Study of Mons at Ko Kret

Chayanut Intudom

Consumption of Globalized Food Among Isan Women in Bangkok: Globalization Vs Localization

Helle B. M. Aasheim

Framing Religious Injustice: Thai Sangha’s Discourse on Buddhism Protection in the 21st Century

Katewadee Kulabkaew

US Popular Representations of Thailand and the Construction of Uniqueness during the Cold War

Matthew Phillips

A Comprehensive Study of Bhadrāsana Buddha Images from First-Millennium Thailand

Nicolas Revire

Constructing “Thainess” in Thai Gastronomy in Five-Star Hotels in Bangkok: Case Studies of Nahm and Sala Rim Naam

Niphatchanok Najpinij

Prefiguring ‘Pasteurization’?: Science, Society, and the Introduction of Vaccination to Siam

Quentin (Trais) Pearson

To Drink, To Eat, To Be Hungry and To Be Thirsty In Jātakaṭṭhakathā: Meaning in Buddhism

Ratchaneekorn Ratchatakorntrakoon

The Position and Meaning of Tom Yam Restaurants in Malaysia

Suttiporn Bunmak

Bangkok Modern: Singapore and Batavia as Models

Udomporn Teeraviriyakul

“I Am Not Your Mother! I Am Phaengsri, the Goddess!”: A Medium’s Failure To Be a Good Daughter and Her Reconstruction of the Self

Visisya Pinthongvijayakul

Rama III, Minh Mạng and Power Paradigm In Early Nineteenth Century Mekong Valley

Vu Duc Liem