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Rain Thai Vol.9/2016

Published: June 7, 2016



Prevailing Constraints in the Search for Durable Solutions for Refugees in Displacement along the Thai-Myanmar Border

Aungkana Kmonpetch

Suankularb English School: A School for Future Bureaucrats and the Ruling Class, 1883-1897

Arwut Teeraeak , Villa Vilaithong

DƗna Dhamma Tradition of the Tai Diaspora in Thailand: The Selection of the Donated Scriptures and the Role of the Tradition

Chatuporn Petchaboon

Ethnographic Analogy and the Archaeological Record of Northern Thailand: Insights from Mlabri HunterGatherers and the Tham Lod Rockshelter Archaeofauna

Cyler Conrad

A Synthesis of the Major Concepts and Characteristics of Thai Buddhist Literature

Pisit Kobbun

New Year “Countdown” Chanting Ceremony in Contemporary Thai Society: An Analysis of an Invented Tradition

Prasirt Runra

Nora Rong Khru Ritual: Roles of the Ritual in the Context of Ban Plairamai, a Siamese village in Kedah, Malaysia

Preeyarat Chaowalitprapan

Examining the Continuity of Chinese Cultural Characteristics of the Thai-Chinese Community in Hat Yai Through the Chinese New Year Festival

Robert Cummings

Bunchu Phu Narak and Resistance to Modernity

Thanayod Lopattananont