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Rain Thai Vol.9/2016

Published: July 26, 2017



Renewal and Engagement: The Thai Roots of Sulak Sivaraksa’s Buddhist Thought

Jordan Baskerville

Thai Buddhist Temples in the Republic of Korea: Thai Community Centers or Not

Ji In Ong

Eco-Industrial Estate Development in Thailand: Japanese Perspectives from the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate

Mayumi Yamada and Chanathip Pharino

The Structure of Commodity Trade between Thailand and Vietnam (2004-2013)

Quang Hoan Truong

From Chinese “in” to Chinese “of” Thailand: The Politics of Knowledge Production during the Cold War

Sittithep Eaksittipong

The Localization of Foreign Words and the Impact on Thai Foreign Policy Formation and Practices: A Case Study of the Conceptual Word “Development”

Sorasich Swangsilp

Bangkok as a “Buddhist City”: Representation of “Civilized Bangkok” from Buddhist Culture

Vannaporn Phongpheng