Rian Thai – Volume 1/2008



1) Self-Sacrifice of the Kings in the Simhasana Dvatrisika and Thai Buddhist Narratives / Arthid Sheravanichkul

2) “Anucha” : The Younger Brother in Ramakien and Parallels with Thai Historical Narratives / Frederick B. Goss


3) Reconsidering the ‘Museum Effect’ in Modern Thai Buddhism and Art / Justin T. McDaniel


4) Framing the Universe : Cosmography and the “Discourse of the Frame” in Traiphum Phra Ruang / Namphueng Padamalangula


5) Dhammakaya, Tathagatagarbha and Other-Emptiness : A Comparison between Luang Pho Sot’s Thammakai Meditation System and Tibetan Shentong Tradition / Potprecha Cholvijarn


6) Buddha Bless and Dharma Products : A New Trend of Dharma Teaching in Thailand / Pram Sounsamut


7) Khamti Buddhism and Culture : An Observation from a Visit to Khamti Land in Arunachal Pradesh in 2007 / Siraporn Nathalang


8) The Princess of Saenwi : A Tragic Romance of a Shan Princess / Suchitra Chongstitvatana


9) The First Augury Chicken in Thai Myth : Its Relations to Power and Wisdom / Sukanya Sujachaya