Rian Thai – Volume 10/2017 (Number 2)



1) Literature in Gold : The Significance of the Use of the Rama Story on Thai Lacquerware Scripture Cabinets / Frederick B Goss


2) The Dynamic Creation of Thai Classical Music Sacred Objects in Contemporary Thai Society / Iyared Boonyarit


3) Supplication and Synergy : Lessons from a Case Study of Doi Kham's Miracle / Joseph Rotheray


4) Royal Brother, Ethnic Other : Politicizing Ethnonyms in the Chronicle Compositions of Early Bangkok / Matthew Reeder


5) Gender Roles and Female Sexuality in the Thai Teen TV Drama Hormones, The Series / Rosalia Namsai Engchuan


6) The Impact of Foreign Settlers on Phuket Society : A Focus on the Education Change / Sudrudee Bamrung


7) Camadevi Worship : Legend Reproduction and Social Space Construction / Warisara Anantaro


8) Money for Nothing : Commercial Surrogacy Cases in Thailand / Li Yuqing