Rian Thai – Volume 2/2009



1) Art as a “System of Action” : Buddha Images in the “Golden Age” of Lan Na, c. 1355-1525 CE (1898-2068 BE) / Angela Chiu


2) Convention and Invention in the Phra Sri An (Maitreya) Myth in Thai Society / Aphilak Kasempholkoon and Siraporn Nathalang


3) The Role of Food in the Musical Rites of the Lanna People of Northern Thailand / Bussakorn Binson


4) Cars and Carts : Marketing, Circulation, and Fluidity in Bangkok’s Central Business District / Claudio Sopranzetti


5) The Emergence of the Kingdom of Thonburi in the Context of the Chinese Era 1727-1782 / Jirathorn Chartsiri


6) Monsters in Thai Horror Film from 2001 to 2008 : A Reflection of Culture and Society / Ji-eun Lee


7) Hikayat Abu Qasim : The Legacy of a Twentieth-Century Rong Ngeng Pioneer in Thailand’s Andaman Coast Region / Lawrence Ross


8) Historical Narratives of King Naresuan the Great : Narrative Techniques and Image Creation / Marasri Sothip


9) Legitimacy, Counterinsurgency, and Order 66/2523 / Matt Wheeler


10) Sorrow in the Pannasa Jataka : Emotion and the Teaching of Dharma / Patcharin Buranakorn


11) Local Wisdom and Social Learning for Sustainable Water Resource Management : A Case Study of Ban Limthong, Amphoe Nang Rong, Changwat Buri Ram / Royboon Rassameethes


12) Prospects and Policy Options for Thailand’s Trade in Bioenergy in the Mekong Region : Implications for Sustainable Development / Sabrina Shaw


13) Siam’s New Detectives : Police Work and the Press from 1900 to 1950 / Samson Lim


14) Palaung Buddhism and Ethnic Identity in Northern Thailand / Sean Ashley