Consumption of Globalized Food Among Isan Women in Bangkok : Globalization Vs Localization

Helle B. M. Aasheim




This article discusses a study of the consumption pattern of Western fast food among women from Isan who are working and living in Bangkok. The study investigated the extent to which Isan women incorporate the consumption of Western food into their own lives, and the extent to which this is done by the process of cultural heterogenization versus cultural homogenization. The case study informants came from various provinces in the northeastern region of Thailand. They were followed to their homes where their eating and consumption patterns were studied, and a general set of knowledge about their lives was acquired. Their consumption patterns in Bangkok were also studied and the data was connected to their consumption of fast food and was analyzed to draw some conclusions regarding their eating habits within a heterogenization-homogenization framework.


(Published in Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies, Volume 5/2012, Page 25-42)


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