Bunchu Phu Narak and Resistance to Modernity

Thanayod Lopattananont




This article explicates Bunchu Phu Narak in the mode of non-entertainment which revolves around a message of resistance to the changes in modern Thai society. The article makes clear that this film puts emphasis on ideal behavior of youth through the main characters, while frequently portraying the modern environment as being undesirable. The film also repeats and/or idealizes the representation of what may be considered as an outmoded identity to encourage the remembrance of such identity. The article concludes from these themes of depictions that Bunchu Phu Narak projects a defiance to the way Thailand has been modernized and promotes localization to counterbalance the trend of globalization that has permeated Thai society.


(Published in Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies, Volume 9/2016, Page 203-227)


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