Ventures of Business and Love – The Migration of Thai Women to Austria

Kosita Butratana





Thai people account for the second largest group from migrants from Southeast Asia in Austria and represent a highly gendered migrant group since 84% of them are female. This paper outlines four flows of Thai outbound migration and introduces the sociodemographic context of Thai migrants in Austria. The literature review draws on cultural concepts such as individualism and collectivism, concepts of social and transnational relations, the notion of paradoxical hypergamy and geographies of emotion and love. Based on semi-structured interviews with Thai marriage migrants, this research further explores the aspirations, experiences and transnational relations of Thai marriage migrants in Austria. Three cases of migrants were selected from different geographical migrant source and target regions, various migration channels and distinct experiences in order to show the migrant’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives in a transnational context.


Keywords: Thai migrants in Austria, Thai migration to Austria, transnational marriages, marriage-related migration, migration and cross-cultural relationships 


(Published in Rian Thai: International Journal of Thai Studies, Volume 11/2018 (Number 2), Page 29-56)